Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Misdirection; The New Races Leaked?!?


Holisky over at wow.com recently posted they had sources inside Blizzard who have confirmed both the name of the expansion, and the new playable races. Cataclysm will be the expansion name, and goblins for the Horde and Worgen for the Alliance are the playable races.

Am I the only one who thinks it would be great it the report were true based on the sources and totally false at the same time?

We all know wow.com has sources inside Blizzard. Hell, Sacco used to be a blue. We all understand that some of their writers are highly respected within the community. Remember that the crab himself commented on the Allison Robert piece on the new crushing blows.

I am unable to find the source post, but there was also a time when wow.com was convinced GC was a female. Do you know when? Right before BlizzCon last year. The best I can find is the post where he was introduced at BlizzCon and some of the comments ask, “and who was it at WoWinsider that convinced everyone that he was a girl?”

Let’s recap on the facts…

  • 1. We know the Blizzard loves their secrets.
  • 2. We know that wow.com has inside sources and that many of the Blizzard staff read wow.com
  • 3. We know that Blizzard conveniently chose not to squash the GC is a girl rumor that started circulating before BlizzCon last year
  • 4. We also know that Blizzard loves playing jokes on the community. Anyone remember the bogus achievement data mined in the 3.2 PTR?
Blizzard loves jokes, and they love the idea of outsmarting the entire community. Why is it so farfetched to believe some of the confirmed information is a red herring that would make Agatha Christie smile?

All of the events leading up to the leak and BlizzCon being just a couple weeks away make everything just so perfect, maybe just a little too perfect. I am not saying the leaks aren't completely accurate, but wouldn’t it be great if Blizzard was able to pull off one hell of a misdirect and shock the masses at BlizzCon?


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